Jackson Wright

You could take a 2×4 to Jack Wright’s boats and they wouldn’t break.

In those days, Jack had a reputation for “adventure through misadventure” as he wandered his way down the un-run rivers of West Virginia. He was always looking for the best line and the biggest hole. At the same time, he was an engineer, and his natural curiosity led to him to want to create the strongest boat possible. He pioneered vacuum-bagging for making fiberglass boats, as well as being the first person to use S-Glass in his boats. In turn, his boats were lighter and stronger than most. They were also much more expensive, so he never really made money off of them.

But Jack is probably best known for his vans. He’s had a series of them over the years, but they’ve always been elaborate productions; a mix of camper shell and custom wood construction creating something that functioned more as a house than an automobile.

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