Dan Demaree

Dan Demaree’s boating career nearly ended before it really got started. Paddling the little streams of Central PA and Maryland, he spent as much time out of his boat as in it. But after many trips to the quarry, he … Read More

Bill Bickham

“Beat Bickham” was the rallying cry of his opponents in the early 1960’s. Bill was on the first descent of the Upper Yough in 1959, along with Tom Smyth and Dave Kurtz. His swim earned him the privilege of having … Read More

Bob Alexander

As he paddled the flat water below the Sang Run bridge, Bob thought the river might be a big practical joke. He had heard the stories of boats being ruined and boaters leaving the river bruised, but all he saw … Read More

Dave Demaree

A job changed Dave Demaree’s path in the boating world. It was a simple job, working in a field office for the Army Corps. But it made him relocate to the banks of the Savage and North Branch of the … Read More

Charlie Walbridge

Charlie’s legacy is one of safety. Which is ironic, considering his first encounter with the Upper Yough became the river’s most famous carnage story. Aside the Upper Yough, he was highly ranked as a slalom and downriver racer through the … Read More

Dave Kurtz

Dave Kurtz has spent the better part of his life surrounded by water.. As a teenager he found canoeing through the Boy Scouts, and he furthered that pursuit when he came to Penn State for graduate school. There he met … Read More

Jackson Wright

You could take a 2×4 to Jack Wright’s boats and they wouldn’t break. In those days, Jack had a reputation for “adventure through misadventure” as he wandered his way down the un-run rivers of West Virginia. He was always looking … Read More

John Sweet

John Sweet’s fame lies two hours south of the Youghiogheny, in the swirling waters of the Gauley River. And his entry into boating lies two hours north of Friendsville, in the winding streets that surround State College. Between those two … Read More